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"Skating Rink"Creation Magazine: Winter 2024

"Undeliverable" —Paper Dragon: Winter 2023

"Life Advice from My Mother" Superpresent: Winter 2023

"Sister Teresa's Class, 1977"— Naugatuck River Review: Summer / Fall 2023

"Independence Day"Frost Meadow Review: Summer 2023

"Diagnosis: Wrecked" "Honda Pilot" "Just Like So Many Things" — Please See MeDecember 2022

"My Mother Insists On Making Curtains" —San Pedro River ReviewFall 2022

"To Make The Dressing"Museum of Americana: Fall 2022

"Splashdown"Nixes Mate Review: Summer 2022

"While Gardening" —Green Ink Poetry: Furrows: Deep Earth Collections Vol 2: 2022

"Poem with No Regret" —Lalitamba, Ganga Review: Writings for Liberation: 2022

"My Inheritance"Mom Egg Review: December 2021

"Oxy"—Nixes Mate Anthology: In the Time of Covid: 2021

"Oxy" "Wintering" — Nixes Mate Review, 2020 

"Left-Handed Poetry" "Absently She Mutters How's Your Arm" "Pasta Sonata for 8"Ovunque Siamo: September 2020

"They Arrive at the E.R." "After Four Months, I Can Take a Walk" —The Healing MuseFall 2020

"Incident at Roseto" —Lily Poetry Review: Summer 2020

"Ambulance: Daydream" —The Main Street Rag: Fall 2019

"Because My Father" —Constellations: Confession: Fall 2019

"Atomic #22: Titanium"Rogue Agent: 2019

"My Mother's Pane di Spagna" —Comstock Review: 2014

"State of Emergency"Muddy River Poetry Review: Fall 2013

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